The Diet Mindset: Soluble Fiber And The Diabetic Diet

Being diagnosed with diabetes means that your body cannot regulate blood sugar glucose levels. Glucose is necessary in order for the body to obtain energy. The diabetic diet has been shown to not only effectively regulate blood glucose levels, but also result in measurable weight loss for those who have chosen to go on the plan. The diet in this program consists of fiber rich foods, particularly those rich in soluble fiber. Soluble fiber is a key player in both the prevention and management of diabetes. The difference between insoluble and soluble fiber is their ability to be digested. Soluble fiber is readily digestible by the body.

Soluble fiber also slows the digestive process. Slower digestion means that sugars and starches are also more slowly absorbed by the body. This means fewer spikes in blood sugar, which require insulin to be released by the pancreas to regulate them. For the average adult, up to 30 grams of fiber per day is recommended. This is even more urgently suggested by the best diet plans for diabetics. Foods from which large amounts of fiber can be obtained include legumes, beans, fruits, whole grains and seeds.



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