Personal Opinions and Experiences with Life Insurance Companies

The best life insurance companies are sometime those that are able to treat you the best. This seem like a somewhat flowery way to describe how a life insurance company should work, but it is a bit more accurate than most realize. While it is true many of the major industry publications present definitive rating on the various companies and customer reviews can write glowingly (or negatively) about various life insurance companies, it will really be your own personal experiences that means the most.

For example, if you are afforded an excellent policy by an auto insurance company that also provides you equally excellent customer service, you likely will have nothing but positive things to say about the company. Now, if you were to read a number of negative reviews published about the auto insurance company, you likely would not be in agreement with what you have read. However, others might not be as kind as you are. Their opinion, as far as you are concerned, means little.

Of course, you do need something to go on before taking out a life insurance policy. Reviews and ratings can prove helpful in this regard. Just be sure to temper your opinion about what you read with the personal experience you might have with the service itself.



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