Is Your Brain Corrupting Your Success With The Best Diets?

Perhaps you’ve never been lucky with losing the weight you want on a plan. Or maybe this is your first time that you find things a struggle. Whichever your particular case, your brain could be to blame. This is what some scientists are saying. The ‘dietary pleasure trap’, as scientists call it, is what causes us more often than not to fail to meet our weight loss goals. The trap is explained in this way: a general unawareness that those foods included in a so-called healthy diet are really anything but. However, most dieters believe them.

On the other side of the coin, there are those who understand that the only way to reach a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight is to live healthfully, which means consuming more of a plant-based diet, that is free of added salt, oil and sugar. But even though this may be one of the best diets, it remains one type that is very difficult to stick to, simply because there are so many temptations which we can fall victim to. Not only that, but the more appealing these tempting foods seem to be to individuals, the less appealing healthy foods appear.



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