IPTV Growth Being Slowed By Little Availability Of Broadband Internet Access?

According to some reports, the increasing deployment of fiber around the world is resulting in more IPTV subscribers. Except in the United States. This, say the experts, is due to the fact that ISPs claim they are doing what they can to meet the demand for high speed broadband, but the local internet companies just aren’t yet capable of doing so due to the current inaccessibility of fiber to the neighborhood. This is what is capable of delivering the speeds needed for IPTV subscriptions to thrive. And the age-old problem is that fiber, while incredibly fast, is both expensive and time-consuming to deploy.

The existing copper infrastructure, while aging, remains the most affordable way for many internet service providers to offer broadband internet access. However, it was proven possible to use both old and new copper wire to reach speeds of over one Gbps. This experiment was conducted by Alcatel-Lucent in Austria. But it may be a few years before this is possible over a much wider scale, but it did show that the development of something which may allow for an option besides that of cable is certainly possible. And the fact that this was done using existing copper wire, at least partly, has many wireline telcos hopeful.



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