Ethernet Services And Internet Providers By Zip Code

Statewide online assessments are fueling the need for higher bandwidth in Kindergarten to Grade 12 schools, as well as school districts. As well, the demand is growing for access to distance learning programs as the presence of mobile devices in classrooms increases. But there are many schools that remain stuck with connections at slower speeds which just aren’t capable of handling student volume as far as year-end test-taking is concerned. Add to that the need for faster connections in order to meet Common Core State Standards for the standardization of math and English materials in time for next year, and the fact that most of the country’s schools continue to have slow internet becomes more of an issue.

But one major ISP is attempting to help with this issue by securing Ethernet contracts with 5 school districts in several states. AT&T, one of the more popular internet providers by zip code is trying to reduce the current 80% of schools who have reported their broadband connections to be too slow to meet their current needs. The company is delivering Switched Ethernet and Managed Internet Services to some state schools, which offers a scalable and secure solution that also allows both students and teachers to do much more than before.



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