Boost Your Serotonin Production Before You Look At The Best Diets For Men To Gain Muscle

Serotonin: you’ve heard about it, but you might not know how it can benefit you. Serotonin is known as the body’s ‘feel good’ hormone. More specifically, it’s a neurotransmitter that most doctors and scientists believe is closely linked to mood regulation. The pharmaceutical drugs that are being marketed as anti-depressants or used to help with anxiety control the breakdown and production of serotonin in the brain. But there are also several ways to naturally increase our levels of serotonin. And it’s actually a lot simpler to do this than many of us realize.

Increasing the amount of protein in your diet is one of the easiest ways to increase serotonin production. This is because of the tryptophan content. Tryptophan actually gets converted into serotonin. And so adding more chicken, fish, eggs and similar high-protein foods into your diet is a good idea. Another thing to do if you are on one of the best diets for men to gain muscle and want to increase your serotonin levels is to use fish oil in supplement form, and take it daily. And finally, exercise will help serotonin to be released in your body, as well as dopamine, another feel-good hormone.



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