Advice About Web Design Ethics From

safeIf you are designing web sites for a living, you may have been in touch with clients who wanted you to design a web site that went against the things you believe in. Is there a right way to go about working with the client that allows you to stay true to yourself? The good news is that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. But if you work for a company, your choice may be more complicated. By not designing a certain site, you may be putting the company you work for at risk.

The only one who can determine where the line should be drawn is you, as every person has a different viewpoint where this subject is concerned. If you are with a company who has clearly-outlined policies which regulate which subject matter a site can be designed for, then count yourself among the lucky ones, at least according to sites like But if your company has nothing in place, it may be time to look elsewhere if you cannot bear the thought of working on a site that contains information that you are against.



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